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Warehouse receipt service
Warehouse receipt service

The essence of warehouse service is the spottrading of Bulk Commodity. Subsidiary company that trading spot provideservices for customers including registration of warehouse receipt, purchase ofwarehouse receipt, repurchase of warehouse receipt, sales of warehouse receipt,swap of warehouse receipt and exchange for physicals, the pledge ofnon-standard warehouse receipt, etc. By means of warehouse receipt service, theinformation, exchange, transaction, capital platform and Cash flow platform ofwarehouse receipt can be established for SDIC CGOG Future Co., LTD and industrycustomers.

Standard warehouse registration. It relies on the advantage ofshareholders of SDIC CGOG Futures Co., LTD and delivery resources accumulatedfor many years. Moreover, for the industry customers who have the demand ofregistration and lack of relevant resources, it provides customers withregistration service of standard warehouse receipt.

Purchase of warehouse receipt. Itfocuses on customers of spot business who need to purchase commodities onfutures market but lack of capital. The subsidiary will accept the delegationof customers and provide the service of purchasing commodities on the futuresmarket instead of customers.

Repurchase of warehouse receipt. Itfocuses on the customers with standard warehouse receipt. Spot subsidiary willprovide preferential repurchase service after buyout the warehouse receipt ofcustomers.

Sales of warehouse receipt. Itfocuses on the customers who possess standard warehouse receipt and want to Thecirculation of cash in advance. Spotsubsidiary will buyout the warehousereceipt and help customers to achieve the objective of funds withdrawal.

Swap of warehouse receipt. Itfocuses on customers who have unmatched area of standard warehouse receipt,inappropriate brand level, or uncontested situation under exchange forphysicals. Spotsubsidiary provides swap platform for the customers who haveneeds.

The pledge of non-standard warehousereceipt. It means to transfer the non-standard warehouse receiptof customers to spot subsidiary. In the meantime, subsidiary provides customerswith capital and assigns third party logistics control company to supervise thebusiness of customers that redeemed on maturity.